Kodukalda quarter is being developed by Arco Vara AS. We create new living environments and new possibilities to live or work in and we want to stand out among other developers. Our new developments must be better, more beautiful and sustainable. Arco Vara’s mission is to provide people with above-expectations real estate experience and help them get their own home. Your home is not just a property, but a place to develop, love your family and gain new experiences. We want new Kodukalda development to bring together people who share similar values, and we would like to be a bridge between these people.

Check out the development of our Kodulahe quarter in Tallinn


Tesron Ehitus OÜ is an Estonian construction company that, in addition to the general construction contract, offers project management and design services. Tesron employs skilled, multi-year experience builders whose knowledge and skills can be relied upon. Our work is characterized by mindfulness, speed and flexibility.